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   What's Global Classification System?


    IPSC calls it the International Classification System where they intend to rank shooters all over the world aided by the current technologies and the internet.  Of course, this will provide goals, direction and continuous levels of achievement for the members and greater incentive for the new comers.


    Aided by the HFx, a system developed and still being improved to come out with an Integrated Classification System by the brothers Mats and Stefan Lepowski, IPSC hopes to provide the 'venue' for every shooter to gauge or compare his or her performance with the other shooters all over the world by engaging specific courses of fire. These are called "Classifier Stages" that maybe included either on the regular monthly shoots of the local gun clubs or in any competition that maybe conducted at the national levels.


    Along this concept, the USPSA has a similar system now in place. Through the World Wide Web and after completing certain requirements, a shooter may upgrade from one class to another or verify his current standing and compare it with the others throughout the US - on-line.



                                 THE CLASSIFICATION TABLE




Grand Master

95 to 100%


85 to 94.999%


75 to 84.999%


60 to 74.999%


40 to 59.999%


39.999% and Below


    This brings me back to my first formal competition where I almost gave up the sport. It was a Level III championship that landed me on the 122nd slot in the Standard Division. Imagine competing against the countries' top guns for the first time!  But that was sheer ignorance on my part. Had I known more about these competitions before, I could have prepared myself and expect more or less where to land. 


    And this is where I find the System very encouraging not only for beginners but for the regular shooters as well. Though it may be costly in terms of manpower and trophies/plaques to be awarded, I believe that giving recognitions per classification in all levels of competition should go a long way.


    But going global means that the System has to be in place at the regional levels first. And going regional means that the System should (the mechanics, at the least) be in place at the local clubs' and organizers' level too.


    Local gun clubs will be playing a vital role on this change. Given modest machinery with proper guidelines in tune with that of the globalization from the PPSA, I do not see any problem here except for the increased number of memberships and perhaps the lack of gunsmiths and the limited availability of firearm choices in the industry - a healthy result I should say rather.


    So far, we have unofficially classified our shooters at SSGCI using all the Levels II, III & IV match results of last year and this will be used as a basis for the developmental programs we have laid down for the year. 


    Please let us know which club have already done this too 'coz together we can organize a Meet of some sorts to hold the first ever classified match.


    Your thoughts, suggestions or comments are most welcome. Email us!


 Roman de Borja