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A Man's Heritage

All the years there are people, regardless of race or even creed, who have fallen in love with guns. 


They come in the form of collectors, gunsmiths, hunters, and weekend target shooters to mention a few. 

We are presently in the sport of practical shooting. And win or lose, we truly love competitions.

Individually we want to improve, learn and develop, sharing skills and techniques while enriching camaraderie, promoting fairness as we go along in the process.  

Hence, we thought of creating this group that is open to anybody who have and must have the same traits, the discipline and most especially understands and accepts the greater responsibilities that goes inseparably with the ownership of a gun.  

This site therefore, though primarily intended to be the Club's home on the net, is also dedicated to serving fellow practical shooters in support of the Philippine Practical Shooting Association. 


                                  D. V. C.                                                                  Boyong  A. Mendiola                                              Chairman

                                  Council of Past Directors