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From: WinMSS Development Team to SSGCI

Re: 1st WinMss Report - H-Chem Invitational Match

Date: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 8:12 PM


Hello Roman,

Thank you for your continued interest in WinMSS!

> We've just concluded the 7-stage Level II match where
> four classifier stages were included for initial
> classification.

Great! Excellent!

> Why did the rankings changed for competitors within a
> specific tag when compared with printed overall
> results?

Only competitors that have been "tagged" are considered during the scoring
process. This is true of all the match scoring "By" reports (Category,
Classification, Region, Tag, & Team).

The changes in ranking are "relative" to what has been excluded from the
report. That is to say a competitor's listing order will not change.

> Is this brought about by the so-called stage weighing
> effect?


With best regards,

WinMSS Development Team

Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas




From WinMSS Development Team to SSGCI

Re: WinMSS Wrokshop, July 27,2002


Thank you for your interest in WinMSS!


> PPSA (represented by Mr. Vin Lava) and our club have

> just concluded a workshop on the use of WinMSS

> yesterday using version, July 27, 2002 for the

> benefit of the Stats Officers.


Wow, that is a fairly old WinMSS release now.  Our current version is

Of WinMSS is and the next release will be version on or

before 29-JUL-2002.


> 1.  How do we create a back up data ?


This information is already available in the "readme.txt" file of the

current WinMSS release, but I will reiterate it below for your





Periodically Compact Your WinMSS Database



The WinMSS Database is a Microsoft Access database named "WinMSS.mdb". 

As such, becomes fragmented with frequent use of the WinMSS application. 

You should periodically compact the database compact the WinMSS database to

reduce its size and to improve WinMSS's performance.  Steps to

compacting the WinMSS Database.


1.  Make sure the WinMSS application is not running.

2.  Backup the WinMSS database (just in case something should go


3.  Execute the "Compact and Repair Database.bat" batch file.

4.  When prompted, press any key to proceed with the compact process.




Back Up Your WinMSS Database File on a Regular Basis



The WinMSS Database is a Microsoft Access database named "WinMSS.mdb",

And you should back up this file on a regular basis.


It is best to choose a backup schedule that corresponds to the amount

Of data you can afford to lose.  For example, if you cannot afford to lose

More than a day's worth of data, back up on a daily basis.  A full database

File backup is the best way to make sure that you can recover your WinMSS

file if corruption occurs.


IMPORTANT: You must shut down WinMSS before you back up the WinMSS

Database file.  If you do not, you may create a backup file with incomplete or

inconsistent data.  Test your backups regularly to make sure that your

backups are good.



> 2.  Can we move competitor databases from one match to

> another?


Well, yes and no.  A WinMSS database may have more than one match in


so yes.  However, the current release of WinMSS cannot import data from

an existing WinMSS database... so no.  A future release of WinMSS will

provide better data transference features.


> 3.  Up to how many participants can the program

> handle?


I will have to get back to you on this.  However, it is possible to

Process approximately 300 competitors over 3 days with 14 stages.  It would

also be stated that WinMSS can easily handle 32,000 participants over 1 year

with 1 stage (this statement is only to give you an idea of why I have to get

back to you on this).


> 4.  Is there a way we can merge records from different

> stations or stages like we used to on slave data

> entries in MSS for big matches?


This feature will be provided in a future release.


> 5.  What is the use of the field box labeled as

> "Reference"


Currently, none.


> 6.  Our stats officers for years have been accustomed

> to the MSS 6.6b hence the following came out as a

> comparisons:


Thank you for furnishing us with your findings.  We really appreciate

Any and all feedback (good, bad, and/or indifferent).


> Aug 2 to 4 will be the match where WinMSS will be used

> for the first time in the region and We'll probably be

> using your (db version later by

> that time.


Oh, please use the latest version of WinMSS.  As stated above, version will be released on or before 29-JUL-2002.  You will realize a

lot of benefits by using the latest and greatest WinMSS software.  You may

obtain the newest WinMSS version from this official WinMSS web page:



With best regards,


WinMSS Development Team


Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas